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Cabinet approves Wakefield Council’s Employment & Skills Strategy

Long term plans to boost employment and skills in the Wakefield district have been agreed.


Wakefield Council launches new STEP UP website

The new website for residents and employers to access job opportunities, qualifications, career support and recruitment all in one place.

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Wakefield Council’s plans to create safe and active places

We are working to support residents to get around the district safely as some of the Government’s restrictions begin to ease.

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Wakefield Council help local businesses receive £32m in grants

More than 2,800 businesses and charities in Wakefield have now received £32m in grant funding to help them during the coronavirus outbreak

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Economic Growth & Skills Covid–19 Response Plan

How the Council is addressing the immediate impacts of the pandemic on employment, skills, businesses, inward investment, housing and regeneration.

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Creative Challenge in response to the coronavirus pandemic

We are investing almost £50,000 in creative and cultural organisations to generate new work inspired by, and responding to, the coronavirus pandemic.

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