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Cabinet approves Wakefield Council’s Employment & Skills Strategy


Posted on: 11th November 2020

Long term plans to boost employment and skills in the Wakefield district are to be discussed by senior councillors at next week’s Cabinet meeting.

​The Council and its partners are working together to support businesses and residents that are continuing to be impacted by the pandemic, and looking to the future to aid the district’s economic recovery.

Support is available through the Council’s flagship Step Up programme, which helps people to find work, improve their skills or make a career change. The team also provides help to access training for those in work, to improve their future job prospects and for employers to secure the skilled workforce they need for future growth and sustainability.

The Council is not only focused on the current challenges, it is also looking towards the future and has worked with a wide range of partners to develop and produce a new Employment and Skills Strategy for the Wakefield district.

The 2021- 2025 Employment & Skills Strategy: Wakefield – A Learning City and District, also maps out the long term ambition of Wakefield Council to gain accreditation and membership of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

Cabinet members will be asked to approve the strategy, which creates a framework to co-ordinate the actions of the Council and its partners and make the most of their collective talents, energy and resources.

Cllr Darren Byford, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Regeneration at Wakefield Council, said: “As we are now about to enter the national lockdown, we recognise that with the impact of COVID-19 many people here in our district and elsewhere have been affected in many ways, including the loss of work and income.

“We are here to support residents to develop the skills they need now and in the future to secure good employment opportunities through our Step Up programme. We are also working with businesses and partners to ensure people can gain the skills they need to succeed.

“By developing this new strategy we’re looking forward and supporting residents and communities, whilst encouraging the economic recovery of the district from the pandemic.”

The priorities in the strategy are to develop skills for the future, to ensure local education and training meets the needs of residents and businesses, provide access to employment and skills for all, and opportunities for lifelong learning to develop careers and progress at work.

Members of Wakefield’s Cabinet are meeting virtually on Tuesday 10 November at 10.30am to discuss the plans. The meeting can be watched live or later on the Council’s website.

For information about the Employment and Skills Strategy, click here.

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